Staggering : Street Light staggering timer

Features : Street Light Power Controller

  • Same as ASTRO : Street light automation Timer
  • Stand alone Street Light Controller ideal for town places
  • Street Light Power controller controls unrequited power wastage.
  • Auto / Manual facility by way of relay operation for faster service mode
  • User settable On Delay up to 99 minutes between R Y & Y B
  • Settable Individual lines Staggering facility to switch OFF and switch ON lights by late night can save energy when there is no traffics. (Can switch off one phase at 10 P.M. and another phase at 1 A.M.)
  • Staggering systems change alternate days for providing equal lamp life. ( Option)
  • Eight Date range programming facility to disable staggering mode for festival and special occasion.
  • Manual stagger off facility for special requirement.


  • Hoarding Light
  • Staircase Light
  • Compound Lighting
  • Township Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Low traffic road / internal road of a metro city


Staggering: Street light power controller conserv energy UP to 30% . It is quite depend upon the time of staggering and the load you are stagger.

Street Light Staggering Timer

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