Protector: Street Light Automation with Protection

Street Light Timer Pprotector Features

  • All features of Street Light Controller with staggering
  • Protects the system from Over voltage, Under voltage, Over current, Short circuit, Neutral Open (optional)
  • HMI LCD display. 16 character and two line type display
  • Multi – Function Panel mounted Energy meter class 1 type which continuous scrolling display of individual phase voltage, load amps, PF, KW, KVA, KVAR, Phase to Phase voltage, Average PF, KWH etc. (Optional)
  • It has inbuilt auto recovery systems for power failure which helps in streetlight operation
  • Auto Calibration of Systems for monitoring Load current for protection
  • Even in single phase control systems will work. Power redundancy for controller even 1 phase 170 VAC controller can work
  • Over and under voltage cut off user settable. Saves lamps and energy. Auto reset type over voltage and under voltage cut off
  • Electronic sort circuit protection
  • Settable incoming Neutral open alarm for specially when unbalance load. (Optional for protection Which protect lamps against high voltage.)
  • Street Light Protector Panel
  • Over current trip in % is user settable. It has special function to store load current of each line & channel in memory. When over load will be detected it will trip that particular phase after define retries.


  • Hoarding Light
  • Staircase Light
  • Compound Lighting
  • Township Lighting
  • Industrial Lighting
  • Low Traffic Road / Internal Road of a Metro City


UP to 30% . It is quite depend upon the time of staggering and the load you are stagger.

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